Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ACCESSORIES : Accessories Your Table (11) :

A Jewel-Like Meteorite 'Cartiert Desk Set' by Mathieu Lehanneur :
Astack by Helgo for Danish Crafts :
Avifauna by Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters :
Bizarre Vase by Sam Baron for Sisley :
C'est la Crise by Sebastien Bouchard :
Ceramic Radio by Studio Lama :
Cleam Candlesticks by Miranda Watkins :
Clock Delay by Bas van Leeuwen for Bloomming :
Dancing Vases by Robin van Hontem :

FlexVase by Vij5 :
Floos Vase by Tina Leung :
Heat Shrink Series by Daniel Rawlings :
Inside my Head 'Container' by Joel Escalona :
Keith Haring Domino Set by Vilac :
La Stanza dello Scricco by Mario Trimarchi for Alessi :
Nazareth by Campana Brothers :
New Porcelain Collection b Bodo Sperlein for Yauatcha Atelier :
Pantone & Ninja by Yar Rassadin :
RGB Vases by Oscar Diaz :

Sentimental Wreath by Bogdan Kosak :
Sliver Building Vase & Leaf Bowl by Karim Rashid for Christofle :

Spin and Wide Flare Vases by Miranda Watkins & A.R Wentworth :
Squares 'Jewellery Box' by Nosigner :
Syphilis by Tamsin van Essen :
The Minerals Candle Holder by Lazerian :
The Multiple Personalities of Mimushi by Blattke :
Tiffin Box by Neri & Hu :
Vase & Kitchen Timer by Studio Lema :

Xmas Declaratins Baubles by Ctrl.Alt.Shift :
Water-Shaped-Bottles-Change or be Changed? by Xiaoli Wen