Saturday, February 6, 2010

TableWare: J-Collection :

Via Lactea Collection by Sam Baron & Julio Dolbeth for Vista Alegre :

Zlin Cutlery by Future Systems for Alessi :
Zest Plates by Oliver Szasz :
Urushu by Aldo Bakker :

Uki Hashi by Mikiya Kobayashi for H Concept :
Topgraphy Plate by Kyouei Design :
The Reabag by Marie Langaa for Danish Crafts :
Takuzen Set by FunFam for Kids :
Table-Dish-Cover by Maezm :

Stickpecker by Microworks :
Stacking by Louise Gaarmann for Royal Copenhagen :
Stack It! by Jacob Skov for Danish Crafts :
Soil Cutlery by Vladimir Rachev :
Silver Serving Spoon by Wiebke Meurer :
Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka :
Shape/Form by Lukas Peet :
Salt & Papper Shakers by Jonathan Adler :
Salt & Papper Shakers by David Shrigley :
Sake Bomb by Alexander Purcell :
Pleat Ice Bucket by ECAL/Delphine Frey for Christofle :
Pickled Jars by Karina Marusinska :
Petits Fours by Andreas Fabian :
Oribital Plate by Roni Paslah :

One Week Coffee Cups by Iohanna Pani :

One Off by Paola Navone :

One Month Dishes Set by Iohanna Pani :
ODO 'lemon squeezer' by Digital Forming :

Neolastic Tableware by Studio Sjoerd Jonkers :
Naes and Notes (Napkin Rings by gSelect :
Moulding Tradition by Formafantasma :

Mormor by Gry Fager for Normann Copenhagen :

Mixed Plate by Studio Laurens van Wieringen :
Mini by Designerette :
Melt by Agnieszka Bar :
Marli Wire Fruit Basket by Steven Blaess for Alessi :
Laid Table by Majken Mann for Danish Crafts :
La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi for Alessi :
Iiamo Go Baby Botle by Karim Rashid :
ID Cutlery by Ineke Hans :
I'm a Talking Plate by Surasek Yutthiwat :

Half Pint Glass by Tim Parsons :
Frame Napkin by Kyouei Design :
Found by Oscar Diaz :
Fat Tray by Harri Koskinen :
Eipott by Qed Design :
Doublefacette Salt & Papper by Postfossil :
Dolly Salt & Pappper by Ross Mc Bride for Normann Copenhagen :
Decanter from Basic Series by StokkeAustad & Forst Produkt :

Crudo Collection by Barbaara Busata, Dario Buzzin, Robin Bigio, Martin Meier & Oliviero Zanon :
Chulha by Philips Design :
Butterfly and Spider by Propaganda :
Broiler Bowls by Anna Oluvua Kristensen for Danish Crafts :
Bloom by Naho Matsuno :
Bizarre Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker by Sam Baron for Sisley :
Barware by Michael Young :
Apostrophe Orange Peeler by Gabriele Chiave for Alessi :
150ml by Studioroom906 :