Saturday, May 17, 2008

FURNITURE : F-Furniture

Velia Table by Ulrich Koessl :
Vitra :
Jeffrey Greene :

PLATINUM by Thomas de Lussac :
La Divina Commedia by Niels Van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe : Low table HB by OLIVIER PEYRICOT :
The Panta Rhei by Florian Gypser :

The Angel chest of drawers by Piurra :
The Pirate line by Kjellgren Kaminsky :
Verona wardrobe by Anna James :
Spirit House Chair by Daniel Libeskind :
Romeo and Juliet by Anna James :

Gig Robot by Roberto Giulio Rida :
Gulp by Romolo Stanco for Nonesiste :
Holy Ghost Chair by Lionel Dean :
occasional tables by Magazin :
The Geo cocktail table by Vito Selma :

APPUNTATE FINTO LEGNO by Andrea Salvetti :

Chairman by Marjin van der Poll :
Crystal Pleasance by Roel Haagmans and Clarissa Dorn :
Double Couch by Andrea Salvetti :