Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HOTEL: Trump Soho, New York :

Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, Shoho, New York, Tel: 212 965 0008

Open Spring 2009

LOUNGE/RESTAURANT: Spirit Restaurant & Bar, Milan :

Spirit Restaurant & American Bar

Corso Sepione, 11, 20145 Milano, Italy, Tel: 0234593668

FURNITURE: V-Furniture :

Side Table by Menimal :
Silcas Chair by Mathias Bengtsson :
Slink Chair by Rob Jones :
Space Invaders Low Tables by Piero Lissoni :
Spun Chair by Mathias Bengtsson :
Rocking Chair by Tom Raffield :
Scoubidou by Nigel Coates :
Seniora Fork Chair by Igancio Ruiz Gutierrez H :
Seracs Sofa by Alferdo Haeberli :
Shroud Lounge by Damian Barton :
Prototype Chaise Lounge by Sebastian Errazuriz :
Purity Chairs by Scott Wilson :
Rain Bench by Nur Alam Witono :
Recycled Junk Mail Table by ReVision :
Recycled Table Toy by Greg Lynn :
Palette Dressing Table by alex Hellum :
Patchwork by Amy Hunting :
Plopp Stools by Oskar Zieta :
Possible Meridienne by Robert Stadler :
Precious Famine Table by Toni Grilo :
Aluminum Petal Chair by Damian Barton :
C10 Chair by Yellow Diva :
Drove Chairs by Jennifer Anderson :
Spanish Chairs :
Our Little White Sofa by Christian Vivanco :

ARCHITECT: Islamic Forum by Jasarevic :

Islamic Forum by Architect Jasarvic 

A small Muslim community in Bavaria has built itself a forum with prayer room in a contemporary architectural style

Bichlerstrasse 15, 82377 Penzberg, Germany

RESTAURANT: IKEA Restaurant, Spain :

IKEA Restaurant
Portal de Castilla 27, 01027 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, Tel: 964 144 747

ART: Photos by The Photographer Yann Arthus :

HOUSE : Ordos Villa by Architects Estudio Barozzi Veiga :