Sunday, December 28, 2008

ART : Farah Behbehani , Graphic Designer & Calligrapher from Kuwait :

Works for ALEF Magazine :

HOTEL : Inside Mondrian South Beach Hotel, Miami by Marcel Wanders :

1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139 Tel: 305 672 2662
Designed by Marcel Wanders 

FURNITURE: 1B-Furniture :

Fredersen Chair y Kranen/Gille :
Bonsai by Christian Giroux & Daniel Young for IKEA :
Cut Armchair by The Home Key :
Drombo Armchair by La Mamba :
Infrastructure Table by Atelier Van Lieshout :
L'Arbre au Miroir Concole by Maryam Mahdavi :
Morosus by Roderick Vos for Priveekollektie :
Orchid by Christian Flindt :
Pizzo Carrara Bench by Marcel Wanders :
Poltrona Suave by Julia Krantz :
REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong :
SIFR 'Moroccan Clock' by Younes Duret for EXTRU-D :
Silver Sunday Easy Chair by Interstuhl :
Sot Table by Anna Smurygina :
Spaghetti Bale by Pablo Reinoso :

Susurro Chair by La Mamba :
The Baobab Loveseat by Christian Vivanco :
The Woman Throne Armchair/Sculpture by Goncalo Mabunda :
Transformer-Shelf by Martin Sammer :
Tree Table by Sebastian Errazuriz :
Useless is More Chair by JeoVelluto :
Vintage Chairs with Vases by Beatnik Inc :
Welcome Chair by Abhijeet Kumar :

HOUSE : Shell House, Japan by Kotaro Ide :

ART: Amazing Sculptures Vol.2 :

Venus Aux Cuill Res by ARMAN :

Woman Aflame by Salvador Dali :
Piped Dreams 1 by Kriti Arora :
Philosophers: Caracalla by Yang Maoyuan :
Paice ' Crystal de Baccarat' by Cesar Baldaccini :
Looking into the Past by Roberto Santo :
Live in Your Head by Richard Artschwager :
Le Dernier Virage by Corby :
In Eugenen Schatten by Bruno Walpoth :
Hooker by David Mach :
Head of Vasundra by Ravinder Reddy :
Harmonious by Huang Gang :
Doggy John Monroe Warhol by Julien Marinetti :
Bullion Bar by Paul Insect :
Born Wild by Orlinski :
Artist Rifles Intratec 'Porcelain' by Charles Kraft :