Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ART: Artist Does Michael Jackson Vol.3 :

Michael by Kadir Nelson :
Time Can Be a Villain or a Friends by Hank Willis Thomas :
San Titre by Hani Rashed :
Neverland Ranch by Constantin & Laurene Boym :
Michael Lautrec by Mr. Brainwash :
Michael Jackson with Wires by Lynn Goldsmith :
Michael Cassette Art by Erika Iris Simmons :
Michael by Richard E. Aaron :
MJ by Mr Brainwash :
Michael Jackson by Kehinde Wiley :
Michael Gloves by Jeff Sonhouse :
Michael by Gottfried Helnwein :
Michael Jackson & Bubbles by Jeff Koons :
Michael Jackson - Never Never Land by Ross Palmer Beecher :
Michael by Gary Hume :
Michael & Merce Feet by SBT :
Michael Jackson, 1981 by Lynn Goldsmith :
Michael & Marlson Jackson, 1981 by Lynn Goldsmith :
Michael Jackson & Andy Warhol, 1981 by Lynn Goldsmith :
Jacko! by Marco Lodola :
Black Bubbles by Jonathan Monk :
Ben/Michael by Emo :

HOUSE: Family House, Pavilniai Regional PArk, Lithuania by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners :

FURNITURE: 2B-Furniture :

Calligraphy Cupboard by Po-ching Liao :

Ardu Console by Martin Gallagher :
Amada Bench by Matthias Pliessnig :
An Furniture by KAMKAM :
2440X1220, Saw, Assemble by Pal Rodenius :
Bantam Chair by Ryan Dart :
Brick Sofa by Maria Pergay :
Cabinet by Ingrid Donat :
Ceramic & Concrete Bench by Hun-Chung Lee :
Col-Letto Bed from Lago :
Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design :
Dune by Rainer Mutsch :
Guaraci by Hugo Franca :
Koop Chair by Karim Rashid for Martela :
Loopie by Louisa Kwan :
Loopy by Philip Grass :
Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture :
Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner :
M&Mme Collection by Valentin Loellmann :
Meme Lounge Chair by Hugo Franca :
Mussel Chair by Hanne Kortegaard :
Rainbow Table by Maria Pergay :
Graffiti Chair by Ronen Kadushin :
Rubber Stool & Schwarzwald Stool by h220430 :

Split Personality Sofa by Ditte Maigaard :

Table R by Il Hoon Roh :
Taxing Art by Beta Tank :

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects :
Unplanned Brutalism by Karim Rashid :
When Circles Collapse by Frost Produkt :
Wooden Heap by Boris Dennler :