Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ACCESSORIES : Accessories Your Table (2) :

Vases by Confused Direction :
Street Gnome Acian Invasion by Vitamin :
Sunflower Weave Vase by Michael Wisner :
Transparent Cake by Radi Designers :
Triple Ribon by Shin Azumi :
Yumbrella Bowl by Benjamin Hubert :
Grid Vase by Jaime Hayon :
Infected Vrystal Virus by Pieke Bergmans :
IV27 by Vitamin :
Made to be Broken by Stephen Thompson :
Patchwork Vases by Stephen Burks for Missoni :
Being Worlds Apart by Siri Brekke :
Bic Daisy Vase by Giffin' Termeer :
Book Vase by Laura Cahill :
Candlestick by Verner Panton :
Flex Vase by Sergio Silva :