Friday, September 18, 2009

FURNITURE: 1N-Furniture :

Kimono Chaise by William Gordon and Kimono New York :
Kashiwado Chair by Isamu Kenmochi :
Kaarsrecht Kruk Table by Pascal Smelik :
Heron Lounge Chair by Charles Wilson :
HC Andersen Chair by Alexander H. Damsbo & Henrick Ingemann :

Hack Chair by Ronen Kadushin :

Habit Chair by Takeshi Iue :
Gruff by Arno Mathies :

Groove Tube by Atomare :
Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen :

Funnel Chair by Scott Jarvie :

Frost by Mars :

Fingers Shelving by Studio Arne Quinze :
Felt Up by Charlotte Kingsnorth :
Extensions 03 Desk by Aissa Logerot :
Ewe Stools by Yu-Hun Kim :
Erosio Chair by Hermann August Weizenegger :
Drip Table by Emiliano Godoy :
Capsule Collection by Ziglam and Brook for Deadgood :

Cabinet Graffiti by Antonio Cagianelli :

Breathing Chair by Tal Gur :
Bow-Wow Stool by Morten Emil Engel :
Between Lines by WOKmedia :
BAC Chair by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini :
Anodised Table by Max Lamb for Deadgood :
Altavoz by Carlos Tiscar :