Thursday, May 27, 2010

ART: Amazing Middle Eastern & Iranian Artists Vol.3 :

Window Nation by Ayad Alkadhi :

Zaynabe Militia by Amitis Moteballi :
Yellow Spiral by Samia Asaad Halaby :
Witness for Baghdad 1 by Halim Al-Karim :
W.T. by Hani Rashed :
Untitled, from The Series Rusty Memory by Khaled Hafez :
Untitled by Fathi Hassan :
Untitled boy by Karima Alo Al-Shomaly :
Two Lovers (Neon) by Zoulikha Bouabdellah :
Through me the Prophet will Speak by Amitis Motevalli :

The Choice III by Manal Al Dowayan :
Teller by Behrouz Rae :
Talented, Outspoken, Strong and Free by Arwa Fuad Bukhash :
Stop, from Meen Ana Series by Nadine Kanso :
Self Portrait II by Samira Alikhanzadeh :
Self Potrait as a Fountain by Rabih Mroue :
Saida in Green by Hassan Hajjaj :
Reading by Mohamad Elrawas :
Race Start by Ahmed Albusaidi :
Paid Suit with Tie Blouse by Hatami :
Perfect Super by Reem Al Ghaith :
Oum Kalthoum by Khosrow Hassanzadehy :

#4, from Nil Nil Series by Shadi Ghadirian :
Newsha Tavakolian :
MenRhot by Tala Madani :
La Chasse au Dinosaure by Khaled Takreti :
Kourosh Ghazimorad :
King's Hareem 2 by Halim Al-Karim :
King Hossein of Jorden by Frahad Ahrarnia :
Hengameh Golestan :
Friday from Updatign Family Album by Malekeh Nayiny :
Face of Human 2 by Zakaria Ramhani :
Dream 2 by Safwan Dahoul :
Don't Call Me Baby by Zena El-Khalil :
Ghador-dader by Haleh Anvari :
Cairo Street Workers by Osama Esid :
Bulbul by Sukran Moral :
Bottles by Huda Lutfi :
Beya 'Sculpture' by Nja Mahdaoui :
Behind Closed Doors by Maitha Huraiz :
Auto 1 by Sissi Farassat :
And Ali Has no Ides? by Zena El-Khalil :