Thursday, January 27, 2011

LIGHT: A1-Lights :

Uma by Cassina :
Torus Floor Lamb by Jiri Evenhuis :
Universe Lamp by Timothy Schreiber :
Spring by Victor Vetterlein :
Quin by Bathsheba Grossman :
Pilke by Tuukka Halonen for Skandium :
Papo Lamp by Martin Schmid :
Natura by Hector Serrano for La Mediterranea :
Naked by Rachel Griffin & Elke van den Berg :
Minishakes Table Lamp by Arik Levy :
Melle Lamp by Confused Direction :
Love The Bird by Marc Dibeh :
Light by Soo Kwon :
LED Lamp by David Tylor :
Kink Floor Lamp by Osko + Deichmann :
Kandil Lamp by Lee Leong Chye :
Glowbelly Steamboat by Tan Lun Cheak :
Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski :
Fida by Patrick Frey for Vial :
Eda Lamp by Mario Ruiz for Metalarte :
Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation :
Crane by Alain Monnens for TossB :
Camouflage Pendant Light by Front for Zero :
Bookmark Lamp by Leonard Kadid :
Antenna Lights by Adrien Rovero :
Algae Lamp by Christian Vivanco :