Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ART: The Graffiti ARTisTS Part.1 :

Custardized Oil by Banksy :
Elvis Presley by Mr Brainwash :
Warship by FAKE :
Vandal's by Nick Walker :
The Last Mona by Dolk Lundgren :
Monsters Prefer Blondes by Pobel :
Mcdonalds Saigon Grand Opening by L.E.T. :
Latex Bunny Woman by Pure Evil :
Gentleman by Hugo Kaagman :
Afghan Sheep Keeper by C215 :
God Save Mimi by Mimi The Clown :
Bless by Stuart Semple :
Bitter Peace by Bruno Greco :
Baby You Smell Like Cellulose by Copyright :
Street Kid by JR :