Thursday, December 11, 2008

FURNITURE: 1A-Furniture :

Zelli by Younes Duret for Extru-D :
Swivel Chairs by Bokja for Alsabah Art & Design :
The Pouf by Younes Duret for Extru-D :
unit(s) 31 by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek :
Wingback Chair by Forrest Myers :
Molded Plywood Chair by Naruse Inokuma Architects for Tendo Mokko :
Miss Blanche by Shiro Kuramata :
Mirror Mirror Mirror by Koichiro Kimura :
Light Lounger by Christian Flindt :
Lathe Chair VIII by Sebastian Brajkovic :
Industry Cabinet by Studio Job :
Fold Shelves by Gilbert 13 :
Embroidery Pop Sofa by Mattia Bonetti :
Desk by Marc Quinn :
Deep Seated by Guus Alders :
Deambule by Vincent Dubourg :
Chines Chair by Hu Jun :
Chicago Chair by Angelo Mangiarotti :
Cathedrale Table by Pierre Paulin :
Black Widow by Wendell Castle :
Big Easy for Two by Ron Arad : 
Belu by Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher :
Beautiful Stranger by Brand van Egmond :
Aluminium Bench by Pablo Reinoso :
Africa Remix bookcase by Cheick Diallo :