Wednesday, July 2, 2008

FURNITURE: L-Furniture

King Bonk Armchair by Fredrikson Stallard :
IKARUS wax lamp by Aylin Kayser and Christian Metzner :
Nest by Frank Tjepkema & Janneke Hooymans :
Pretzel Chair by George Nelson :
Warhol-Style by MetroSofa :
VolVvc Version Lamp by Johanna Keimeyer :
Lounge Landscape by HFG Offenbach :
Scheisse by Northern Lighting :
Quilt Cabinet by Dialogica :

Rock Table by Arik Levy :
Table Ronde Paris by Andre Dubreuil :
The Ribbow by Kitman Keung :
Tisch 5 by Rosemarie Trockel :
Rubber Table by Fredrikson Stallard :

A.Y.O.R by Rod Arad :

Chair REBEL by Antonio Cagianelli :
Flower Offering Chair by Satyendra Pakhale :
No Screw No Glue by Joost Van Bleiseijk ;
Quasi Cabinet by Aranda & Lasch :