Sunday, October 26, 2008

ART: Sculptures Vol.1 :

The Moment of Getting Out by Sami Mohammed :
Umm Kalthoum by Adam Henein :

Hamburgers by Arman :

Masterpiece No.2 by Jiao Xingtao :
Tranchlucide by Arman :
Chum (Black Version) by KAWS :
Trophy #1 (Baseball) by Yoram Wolberger : 
Dub Monument by Kenny Hunter :

Saad Pasha by Antoine Haggar :
Sitting on high Chair by Al Cheikh :
Sculpture by Tarek El-Komi :
New Mao by Qu Guangci :
Mirrored Sculpture by Ross Lovegrove :
Keane Sculptures by Osang Gwon :
Women in Black by Hamra Abbas :
Its a Boy by Hamra Abbas :
Bust of St. Francis of St. Adelaide by Kehinde Wiley :
Blind Sculpture by Xavier Veilhan :