Thursday, October 2, 2008

FURNITURE: W-Furniture :

S Table by Jeongate Kang :
Poufman "Packman" by Qayot :
Possible Low Table by Robert Stadler :
Ohla by Plust :
Meltdown Chair by Tom Price :
Stools by Jolyon Yates :
Stick Nature by Alexander Pelikan :
Stacjing Chairs by Christian Flindt :
Soft Hercules Stool by Fashion Architecture Taste :
Sculpting Gold Cabinet by Casa Nova :
Tavolino Table by Alessandro Mendini :
Tapas Chairs by Matthew Hilton :
Table by Nur Alam Witono :
Table by John Houshmand :
Swamp Stools by Visual Reference Studio :
Transglass Mirror by Tord Boontje :
The Seatub by Baek-Ki Kim :
The Monte Bello Mountain Sofa :
The Fulton Lounge by Scott Wilson :
The Edge Lounger by Tom Price :
Yu Armchair by Sequoia Studio :
Wingback Chair by Tom Dixon :
Wave Chair by Casa Nova :
UnsTable vy Rafael Morgan :
Two-Level Table by Rajiv Saini :