Thursday, January 29, 2009


No.13 by Liu Fei :
With You, I'll Never Feel Lonely by Chen Ke :
Welcome the World's Famous Brand #5 by Luo Brothers :
Untitled Land Coca Cola by Xin Junqing :
The Red Book by Shi Lifeng :
Untitled by Yang Shaobin :
The Cyclic Year of the Birth Year by Li Zhihong :
Rome Youth 'Photograph' by Huang Yan :
Pop Mix by Du Yiyao :
Pepsi by Wang Guangyi :
Mainstream Life by Yin Kun :
Learning Fashion Making Beautiful by Ji Wenyu :
Golden Fairy Tale - Flagman 1 by Ye Deer :
Fly To Southeast by Yang Jing :
Face 2 by Chen Qiuchi :
Crying 4 by Yin Jun :
Chinese Tattoo 'Photograph' by Huang Yan :
Chinese Portrait No.5 by Feng Zhenglie :
China Construction - Shanghai by Zhang Ting Jun :
Birdcage and the Bear 'Sculpture' by Liang Binbin :
Beijing Wawa by Zhang Hui :
Angel No.4 by Cui Xiuwen :
98.10.1 by Fang Lijun :
13 of Blondes 'Photograph' by Dorothy M. Yoon :