Thursday, January 29, 2009

FURNITURE: 1D-Furniture :

Veronica by Cate&Nelson :
Vanderpoll Table by Marjin van der Poll :
UseLess is More Shelving by JoeVelluto :
Tzompntli 'Ceramic' by Ariel Rojo :
Tree Trunk Cabinet by Snodevormgevers :
The Bic Cabinet by Studio Lebertiny :
Table by Boca Do Lobo :
Style Chairs by Luciano Marcato for Fornasetti :
Stripe Chair by Jan Schreiner :
Relief by Louise Campbell :
Positive/Negative by Lee Walsh :
Moon Table by Matthias Demacker :
Liquirizia by Aziz Sariyer :
Jetstream Desk by Marjin van der Poll :
Family by Kaman Tung :
Dancing Chairs by Ante Vojnovic :
Crisis by Cate&Nelson :
Confluences by Philippe Negro for Ligne Roset :
Cite Armchair by Jean Prouve :
Chemistry Armchair by Rodrigo Vairinhos and D3 :
Cane Table by Lee Walsh :
Bux by Tweelink for Dutch Summer :
Bird Nest Chaise by Cole Scego :
Bag Stools by Gitta Gschwendtner :
Angel Chair by Pascal Teuling :
Duplex Acquarium/Cage by Constance Guisset :