Sunday, June 21, 2009

LIGHTS: R-Lights :

Fall of the Damned Suspension Lamp by Luc Merx :

Zufall by Ingo Maurer :
Whistle Lamp by Laurie Beckerman :
Wanetlight M by Jean-Louis Frechin :
Vanitas Lamp by Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence :
Universe Light by Metaconcrete :
Trabant by Joachim Manz :
Tome Lamp by Atelier Oi :
Three Baskets of Knowledge by David Trubridge :
The Aware Light by Interactive Institute :
The Aware Chandelier by Interactive Institute :
Telephone Desk Lamp by Junktion :
Swan XL Floor Lamp by Eero Aarnio :
Struk by Luz Difusion :
Softly Lamps by Laurens van Wieringen :
Sherlock LED Lamp by Otofstock :
Rorrim by Ross Lovegrove :
Rigger by Jason Miller :
Ray by Llot Llov :
Radiant Audi by Rogier Sterk :
Pyrus by Mark Braun :
Porcelain Pendant by Atelier Takagi :
Polygon Crash Lamp by Flip Sellin :
Plain Light by Jin Kuramoto :
Pemdamt Light by Jasper Morrison for Flos :
Paperfold by Fredrik Kjellgren Joakim Kaminsky :
Moonbird by Yukio Hashimoto for Yamagiwa :
Modo by Jason Miller :
Mirrored Pendant Chandelier by Alison Berger :
Mayuhana Lamp by Toyo Ito :
Line Parete by Francesco Rota for Oluce :
Lazara by Anne-Cecile Rappa :
Lamps by Raimond Puts for Moooi :
Jumbled Porcelain by Herv Matejewski :

Jetzt by Axel Schmid for Ingo Maurer :
Icon Lamp by V12 Design :
Growth Series Paper & Wire Lamp by Dana Otto :
Force Lamp by Nika Zupanc :
Flax Elm by Christien Meindertsma :
Flashmob by Henny van Nistelrooy :
Fiore by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli :
F.L Vase Lighting by Joongho Choi Design :
Eolo by Rotaliana srl :
Eclipse Light by Keiji Ashizawa :
Drawing Light by Sra Ivanyi :
Dolly Lamp by Louise Hederstrom :
Diode Lamp by Marc Newson :
Darom Lamp by Dag-Designlab :
Cumulus by Sebastian Jansson :
Creatures by Nigel Coates for Slamp :
Circle Light by Astrid Krogh :
Chorong Lamp by Jonngho Choi :
Chiwawa Lamp by Vincent Olm :
Candy Lamp by Sylvain Willenz :
Blade of Grass by Stefano Merlo :
Black Flower by Fredrik Farg :
Bamboo by Roberto Giacomucci :
Air by Ray Power for LZF :