Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ART: Mix of Artist (4) :

Zaha Hadid by Pierre Koukjian :
Xavier Mascaro by Julian Schnabel :
Vital To The Core by Ed Ruscha :
Viewpoints of Millions by David Datuna :
V.I.P. Studio 54 by Andy Warhol :
Untitled by Paul Simonon :
Untitled by Pierpaolo Campanini :
Unitiled by Georges Eliades :
Untitled by Esao Andrews :
Untitled by Anselm Reyle :
Untitled (Rita) by Robert Longo :
Thoughts creating by Naoto Hattori :
Things Have Changed by Jim Lambie :
The Interpreter by Date Farmers :
The Ageless Rolling Stones by Jesus Diaz de Vivar :
Scoring a Chorus in the Crests that Cloud Not Be Owned by Gregory Euclide :
Saturday at the Matinee by CRASH (John Matos) :
Realease of Happiness #1 by Gary Baseman :
Puls by Neo Rauch :
Prism-2 by Matt Phillips :
Poured Lones by Ian Davenport :
Pape+Johnny Hallyday by Jacques Villegle :
Pablo by Paul Karslake :
Obama by Shen Shaomin :
Nemo Librizzi by Julian Schnabel :
Menina Coca Cola con Mickey by Antonio de Felipe :
Menina Black & White by Antonio de Felipe :
Maze by James Jean :
Madollar by Brian Jones :
Madame Google by Dominique Guillemard :
Lee Iacocca by andy Warhol :
Large Wall Hole by Ivan Navarro :
Land of the free by Jeff Soto :
Ice by A Oehlenlberto :
I Miss You by Jang Seung-hyo :
I Don't Want to be a Russian Artist, I Want to be Chinese Artist by Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky :
Hight Pot-ential by Lisa Milory :
Function of String by Christian Faur :
Flutgraben by Plaf Holzapfel :
Five Guns by andy Warhol :
Fate by Bai Yiluo :
Dustmite Nephilim Series - Letter B by Doze Green :
Diversions by DELTA :
Coltrane by Bernard Rancillac :
Colette by Dominique Guillemard :
City Girl by David Choe :
Catch/Batter by James Jean :
Captain Yeah by Cyril Angeluelidis :
Camden by Sarah Muirhead :
Burning by Dennis Morris :
Black Water by Date Farmers :
Black Audrey by antonio de Felipe :
Batman Contra el Fascismo by Oscar Seco :
Batman by Mimmo Rotella :
Bat Girl by Dave White :
And When You're by Shaan Syed :
4 Inch Leak by Grant Barnhart :