Thursday, January 14, 2010

ART: Sculptures Vol.3 :

Yes by Andrei Molodkin :
Venus by Seungmo Park :
Vanish by Lee Bul :
Upcast by Clement Meadmore :
Untitled by Anish Kapoor :
Untitled 8 by Terence Koh :
The Tipping Point by Dzine :
The Standard of Elegance by Yang Mian :
Tarracotta Warriors by Yue Minjun :
Stacked by Charles Lutz :
Snowblind by Damien Hirst :
Silver Lining by Sophie de Francesca :
Seeds by Peter Randall-Page :
Sculpture by Jorge Oteiza :
S-curve by Anish Kapoor:
$ by Nick Knight:
Port Rectangles by Ivan Black :
New York, New York by Waled Beshty :
Model for the Boras Monument by Jim Dine :
Mies van der Rohe Melting by Erwin Wurm :
Mermaid by Zhang Hui :
Maquette for Self Portrait by Alastair Mackie :
Map of China by Ai Weiwei :
Lapin de Paques by Stephane Chavanis :
Hot + Spicy by Jim Lambie :
Holly by Nienke Klunder :
Heinz Box by Andy Warhol :
Heechhe Cage by Parviz Tanavoli :
For Rose XXX by Clive Barker :
Flower by Luo Fahui :
Fallen Woman by Louise Bourgeois :
Everyday Heroes (Glass) by Norbert Brunner :

European Court of Human Rights Model by Richard Rogers :
Elk 'Cassete Tape' by Brian Dettmer :
Dummy Mummy by Abigail Fallis :
Double Bass by Seungmo Park :
Diamonoid by Eva Rithschild :
Crowned by Melli Ink :
China China by Zhu Wei :
Cherries by Simon Costin :
Cheap Rice by Sudodh Gupta :
Garbage Can by Sylvie Fleury :
Boy and Cow by Matt Wedel :
Bicycle by Seungmo Park :
Bent of Mind by Tony Cragg :
Architecture Foundation London by Zaha Hadid :
Arcalion by Alexandr Lazareff :