Thursday, June 24, 2010

MICHAEL JACKSON: Never Can Say Goodbye :

The Greatest Artist The World Has Ever Known/Seen

The One & Only
The Legendary & Icon
The King
Music, Videos, Dance & Love
Mr. Jackson

"Off The Wall" First Solo Artist to Have Four Singles from The Same Album Inside The Top 10 of Billboard

"Thriller" Remains The Best-Selling Albums Of All Time

"Dangerous" Fastest-Selling Album Ever in the United States

"SCREAM" The Most Expensive Music Video Ever Made

"Blood on the Dance Floor: HiStory in the Mix" Be
st Selling Remix
Album of All Time

"This Is It" The Highest Grossing Documentary or Concert Movie of All Time

MJ Videos are The 1st African-Amreican Artist to Have Played Re
gularly on MTV & Helped Put "MTV" @ The Center of Pop Culture

“Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star”

Michael Jackson Made $1 Billion Since His Death

We L.O.V.E You
You Rock The World
Always Alive in Our Heart
Never To Forget, Can't Be Forgotten
The Legend Will Never DIE

I Just Can't Stop Loving You...KING!

No One Will Ever Be as Good as an Entertainer as The King of Pop
Michael Jackson

Greatest Entertainer on EARTH

No One Will Ever Fill His Shoes!

His Music Will Live Forever
We Miss You Greatly

Long Live The King
You are Forever Loved & Missed

Rest In Peace
---> Michael Jackson <---