Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ART: Mix of PHOTOgraphy Artists Vol.2 :

Lady GaGa by David LaChapelle :
Pamela Anderson by David LaChapelle :
Lagerfeld Above New York by Simon Procter :
Lagerfeld & Chanel by Simon Procter :
Walking Chanel Purse by Laurie Simmons :
Untitled by Chema Madoz :
Ice Sakter, Sain Cloud by Remy Noel :
I Did Not Drink This by Adnan Madani :
Hotel by Riego van Wersch :
Galliano & Flag by Simon Procter :
Famous by Michael Eastman :
Eroristan by Erkan Ozgen :
El Angel by Luis Gonzalez Palma :
Donald Trump by Chris Buck :
Alice in Wonderland by Elena Kalis :
Beyond The Pale #3 by Miles Aldridge :
Beatrice by Winkler+noah :
A Different Engine Contemplates as Ontological Certainty by Jamie Baldridge :