Sunday, December 12, 2010

ART: Sculptures Vol.4 :

Unique 'Chips' Dish by Zaha Hadid :
Tumbleweed (Crushed Fence) by Aaron Young :
Trophy by Arnaud Rivieren :
Trapped Priest by George Condo :
Them (Milano) b Loris Cecchini :
The House Tha Made Up its Vision as it Walked by Olafur Eliasson :
The Eucharist by Damien Hirst :
Skull by Melli Ink :
Nike by Marcus Harvey :
Mao by Frank Kozik :
Love Me Do by Shi Jianmin :
K.3 Sound Version by Frank Stella :
Judd nu Sylvie Fleury :
Drummer by Gregor Gaida :

Coupe by Rick Owens :
C & WG Stars by Man Fung Yi :
Borrowed Stone by Mok Yat-San :
Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois :
A Soft Distortion by Gehrad Demetz :