Sunday, February 6, 2011

ACCESSORIES : Accessories Your Table (17) :

Wisdom is a Good Companion by Christian Haas :

Who's The Daddy? by Barnaby Barford :
Timeline by Luca Nichetto for Skultuna :
Stack Candlelights by Miranda Watkins :
Soft Pot 'Ceramic' by Kiki van Eijk :
No Sweet Without Sweat :

Natura by Hector Serrano for La Mediterranea :
MING#2 Vase by Fredrikson Stallard :
Lenin Candlestick by Komar and Melamid :
Hellraiser by Karim Rashid for Alessi :

Funambule by Patrick de Glo de Besses :
Flora by Axel Bjustrom :
Dot by Paul Smith for Stelton :
DEAD Vase by Fredrikson Stallard :
Bun Boxes by Emilie Voirin :
Bottle Candel Holder by Peter van de Wate :
BOLT Vase by Fredrikson Stallard :
Bidum by Laetitia Florin :
Beautiful Planets Vases by Beatriz Li Chin Loos :