Sunday, February 6, 2011

AUCTION: JAMM 2nd Auction, February 8th & 9th 2011 @ The Avenues, Kuwait :

Power by Amira Behbehani :
I Heard Your Sound of Revolution by Remin Haerizadeh :
Perfumes & Bazaar by Lara Baladi :
Do You Share My Dreams? by Manal Al Dowayan :
This Is Not Green by Leila Pazooki :
Yellow Cow Cheese by Ahmed Mater :
The Yellow Tea Pot "Still Life" by Reda Salem :
The Wall Series by Sharzhad Changalavee :
The Life Can Burn in Blood, Even While The Heart May Break by Natalie Turner :
Safat by Abdul Aziz Al-Arti :
Pslam Orint Ad te, Domine, Levavi by Damien Hirst :
My Louboutins by Shurooq Amin :
Mommy and I by Maisoon Al-Saleh :
Hat and Bathtub by Rahmim Sharif :
Becked Cabinet with Inscription by Al Braithwaite :
Al-Harras by Ibrahim Ismail :
12 by Aziz Almudhaf :

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