Monday, February 16, 2009

ART: Mix of Artists (3) :

Untitled by Travis Louie :
Untitled by Enrique Chavarrai :
Untitled by Emilly Robson :
Untitled by Curve One :
The Accordance by Philippe Lebeau :
Tattooed Self Portrait at 38 by Shawn Barber :
Tall by Susan Jane Belton :
P1 by Wayne Warren :
Multicolor 'Plastic on Canvas' by Osamu Watanbe 
Meditation on Transmigration #5 by Binh Danh :
Icon $ by Justine Smoth :
Hope by Lori Earley :
Guess by Vahram Davtian :
Flies by Joey Remmers :
Falling in Love by David Kracov :
Facce by Nicola Pucci :
Duchamp and Maria Get Married by Arturi Elizondo :
Donna con Galli by Nicola Pucci :
Don't Get Ahead of Yourself by Brain Adam Douglas :
Dior by Grayson Perry :
Dieu Garde La Reine by Daron Mouradian :
Briseis by Simon Casson :
Born Wild by Richard Orlinski :
Blues et Polyphonies Corses by Armand Kouby :
Betty Boop by Jean Jacques Deleval :
Band Aid by Peter Blake :
Ahmed by Matthew Small :
$ For The Army by Sophie Petitpas :