Thursday, February 19, 2009

ART: Mix of PHOTOgraphy Artists Vol.1 :

Wood & Steel by Jean Baptiste Mondino :
War Spuvenir No. 14 by Paolo Ventura :
Vincent Price & Coral Browne by Helmut Newton :
Untitled by Alvin Booth :
The Red Dress by Brain Morrissey :
The Boston Athenaeum by Thomas Kellner :
Sticky Fingers by Glenn Brown :
Smoke and Veil, Paris by William Klein :
Quentin Tarantino: Awakened by David LaChapelle :
Queen by Jason Langer :
Prince, Minneapolis by Herb Ritts :
Paris, Simore Daillencourt, Rinascenti by William Klein :
McQueen Dress by Steven Klein :
Madonna X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS 08 by Steven Klein :
Lisette New York by Erwin Blumenfeld :
LaLaLand by Martin Denker :
Kylie Minogue by Pierre et Gilles :
It's Killing Me IV by Anoushka Fisz :
Hertha Thiele by Matt Saunders :
For Dolls The Do The Dishes by Bob Carlos Clarke :
Faten Hamama by Youssef Nabil :
Diamond Twins by Michael Benisty :
Chris by Aziz + Cucher :
Bride & Groom by Arthur Tress :
Brad Pitt No.36 by Steven Klein :
Blue Landscape by Cecilia Paredes :
Androgynous by Res :
Amandalicious by Helena Cristina Henriques :
Amanda as Liz by David LaChapelle :
Alexandra McQueen : Burning Down The House by David LaChapelle :
43 : Lyropteryx Apollonia by Jo Whaley :