Monday, February 2, 2009

TableWare: G-Collection :

Upside Down by Fabrica and Zanotta :
Totem Cups by Rob Southcott for Imm Living :
TeaFix by Lain Jones :
Slave Betty Teapot by Redstr/Collective :
Salt anf Pepper Shakers by Shah Mohammed M :
Plug by Tomas Kral :
Piao Dinner Set by Yungho Chang :
Off The Air Dinner Plate by Imm Living :
HORN by Ingrid Ruegemer :
Hooker's Delight by Greece is for Lovers :
Dinner Time by Fabrica and Zanotta :
Haute Couture Chocolate Box by Cemal Otken :
Futiles by Sam Baron :
Fort Knox 'Bottle Rack' by Sietze Kalkwijk :
Design Dlices by Fabrica and Zanotta :

Chavena by Sam Baron :
Bite Reigelman Silverware by Mark Reigelman :
Bildi Teapot by Younes Duret :
Axis Tray by Snack On :
Amen Tableware by Greece is for Lovers :
Alberto's Vineyard by EOOS for Alessi :
+/- Hot Plate by Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow :
Cheese Grater by Stanislave Katz :