Saturday, March 7, 2009

ACCESSORIES : Accessories Your Table (8) :

'Narghile' Water Pipe Shisha by Nada El-Amar for Airdiem :
Virus by Hans van Bentum :
Selle Vase by Nadda El-Amar for Hermes :
Remembrance of Future by Martin Bu :
Raketa Vase by Jiri Pelcl :
Pina Passion Vase by Jaime Hayon :
Paper Toys 'Giant Robot' by Shin Tanaka :
Menorah by Reddish :
Meggie by Milos Nemec :
Love Paper Weight by Robert Indiana :
Jelly Copper by Jaime Hayon :
Issima Collection by Sam Baron for Bosa :
Grape Bowl by Offiveoriginair :
Gourmet Plate by Jean-Marc Gady :
Dose Relikviar by Jakub Berdych :
Family Feats by Barnaby Barford :

Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dose of War by Barnaby Barford :

Comucopia by Richard Slee :
China? 3d Vase by Reddish :
Ceramic Car Accident by Italy Ohaly :
CenterPIECE by Daniel Hulsbergen :
Bubles by Jaime Hayon :
Bonito by Jaime Hayon :
Be@ebrick 100% by Kaws :
Atomo by Jaime Hayon :
Angelo e Angelo by Jean-Mari Massaud for Glas Italia :
Abandoned Architecture Space Vase by El Ultino Grito :