Sunday, March 1, 2009

LIGHTS: O-Lights :

Barbie Lamp by Antonio Tadrissi :
Birds by Italy Ohaly :

Bottle by TAF Arkitektkontor :
Bulb by ALT Lucialternative :
Callisto by Northern Lighting :
Chandelier by Fatboy :
Dreamcatcher by Italy Ohaly :
Dune Lamp by Zaha Hadid :
Espresso Light by QED* Design :
Katana Light by Sander Mulder :
Kite by Timothybenfurniture :
Lichtinfusion Lamp by Christian Maas :
Light Modulator by Studio Lazerian :
Lightpot by Shulab Studio :
Lite by Animal Farm :
Louis 900 by Reddish :
Mini Mini by Habits Studio :
Mini Lamp by Imaginery Office :
Mirrored Pendant by Michael Anastassiades :
Paula Lamp by Johannes Hemann :
Shadow of Light by Koen van de Broek :
Stacker Neon Lamps by Roger Borg :
Standing Lights by Ania Wagner :
TapLamp by QED* :
The Jesus Lamp by Ricardo Garza Marcos :
The Peg Collection by Formforyou :
Tress by Marc Sadler for Foscarini :
Twist by Cate&Nelson :
Work Lamp by Form us with Love :
Wrapped Light Fitting by Pierre Kracht :
X Light by Damian Barton :
Zipp by Camila Waldal & Janne Helen Bulling :