Saturday, March 7, 2009

FURNITURE: 1G-Furniture :

The Monolith Dining Table by Gioia Meller Marcovicz :

The Hiatus Chair by Jo Hass Komeliussen :
Songololo Couch by Haldane Matin :
Skede Skateboard Chair by Tunto Design :
Siamese Threesome by Italy Ohaly :
Robots Chair by Marc Sadler :
Relief Chair by Ben Mickus :
Quarry Table by Ryan Dart :
Price Charles Chair by Peter Shire for Modernica :
Paper Softseating by Stephanie Forsythe, Todd McAllen & Robert Pasuf Molo :
Objects Stool by Eosmexico Studio :
Mosaic Folding Chair by ODA-Architecture :
Mexh Table by Antoine Phelouzat for Via :
Martin by I-Bride Design Studio :
Magic Cube by Yomei :
Lost & Found Table by &made :
Leggy Cabinets by Dette Hammerstroem :
Kiter Lounge Chair by FormForYou :
Janus Chair by Jang Yoon :
Interlock Table by Italy Ohaly :
Havana by Domenico de Palo :
Greta by &made :
Golf Inspired Tables by Clubhouse Design :
From A Lost City by Christian Vivanco :
Folded Chair by Enoc Armengol :
Fiction Mirror by Jean-Marie Massaud :

Digital Memories by Tord Boontje for Biazza :
D9 Stool by Peter Johansen :
Concrete by Italy Ohaly :
Coincasa Collection by 5.5 Designers :
Coffee Table by Martin Bu :
Chubby Brother Dinning Set by Brian Lee :
Chocolate Carpet by Philip Edis :
Celebrating The Cross 1 by Per Emanuelsson & Bastain Bischoff :
Card Game Bookshelf by Stephane Ducatteu :
Caniiion by  Studio FRST :
Cable Chair by Godspeed :
Button by Pierre Sindre :
Brickchair by Pepe Heykoop :
Bold Chair by Big-Game :
Authority System Cabinet by Philip Edis :

Alein by Jonas Jurgaitis :
A New Perspective Table by James Tooze :
72 Stool by Victoria Gunzier Martinsen :