Saturday, March 7, 2009

ART: The Graffiti ARTisTS Part.2 :

For the Love of Disruptive Strategies and Utopian Visions in Contemporary Art and Culture No.3 by James Cauty :

Young Flesh by Jamie Reid
What Have I Become ? by D*Face :
Very Little Helps by Banksy :
Untitled by WK Interact :
Thick as Thieves by Prefab :
Tangoware by Hugo Kaagman :
Swastika Eyes by Jamie Reid :
Superman by F.C. Sofia :
Start Eyes by Paul Insect :
Rick Rubin by Paul Chatem :
Queen of Hearts by Copyright :
Paris by Bast :
Paradiso Landscape by Ben Allen :
Paint Bomber by SPQR :
Nola by Banksy :
Life's 2 Short by Nick Walker :
Kanye West by Mr Brainwash :
Just A Bit OF Fun by Lucy McLauchlan :
Human Rights Watch by L.E.T. :
Hiding by Greg Gossel :
Grenade Lovers by Dolk :
Circus by Dolk :
Business as Usual by Peter Kennard :
Burger King by Dolk :
Bromx Bus by Aiko :
Boy by Swoon :