Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ACCESSORIES : Accessories Your Table (9) :

Proust Limited Edition Miniature 'Ceramic' by Alessandro Mendini for Vitra :
Crystal Fantastic Flowers by Andree Putman for Swarovski :
Vases by Marina68 :
Vase of the Vases by Maxim Velcovsky :
Vase by Pedro Pchando :
Vase by Attua Aparicio :
Vase by Alberto Azra :
Torr Vase by Nicholas Bovesse :
The Romans Wanted It by Thalen & Thalen :
Swell Vases by Anika Engelbrecht :
Soundplotter by Johannes Tsopanides :
Smoke and Gog by Teppei Kanuji :
Silver Lock by Lachaert & D'hanis for Droog :
Silence! in the event of a divine presence by Louise Hindsgavi :
Saving/Space/Vase by Joe Velluto :
Balloon by Sam Baron and Fabrica for Secondome :
Bicycle by Sam Baron and Fabrica for Secondome :
Hammer by Sam Baron and Fabrica for Secondome :
Royal Rip Off's by Bass Van Beek :

Rock Vase by Jin Kuramoto :
Pewter Bowl by Ian Mcintyre :
PET Vase by David Graas :
Moon Fragment by Tokujin Yoshioka :
Mesh Vases by Studio Aisslinger :
Mesblock by Robert Knight :
Leather Vases by Simon Hasan :
Killing The Piggy Bank by Marcel Wanders for Moooi :
Jungle Vase by Eelko Moorer :
Handpainted Vase Jaime Hayon :
Cubist Bowl by Olgoj Chorchoj Studio :
Ceramic Vases by Jaime Hayon :
Ceramic by Studio Glithero :
Bonsai 5 Candleholder by Roderick Vos :
Anamorfosis by Lachaert & D'hanis for Droog :
152 Collection Bowls by Lorenzo Damiani :