Thursday, April 23, 2009

FURNITURE: 1I-Furniture :

Prickly Pair Chairs by Valentina Glez Wholers :

Your Level Drawer & Stool Series by Ryohei Yoshiyuki :
Woody Benchmark by Christian Flindt :
Web Chair by Jun Hashimito :
Unfaithful by Nika Zupanc :
Tuyomyo Bench by Frank Gehry :
Totoyo Trompo Chair by Victor M. Aleman :
The Cubic Manifesto by Tavola Rasa :
Terminal 1 by Jean-Marie Massaud for B&B Italia :
Table by Peter Marigold :
Soft Parcel by TAF :
Scarlet Table by Nika Zupanc :
Quilt Sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec :
Proive Proven Carpet by Kramis Teppich Design :
Prater Chair by Marco Dessi for Richard Lampert :
Pleated Pleat Chair by Raw-Edges :
Ovankgol Table by Reiko Kaneko :
Nuance by Luca Nichetto for Casamania :
My Vanitas by Vladi Rapaport :
Move Your Energy Rocky Chair by Novague :
Morfojet Armchair by Gianni Pedone :
Modus:Cover by Fredrik Farg :
Meduse Tables by GamplusFratesi for Casamania :
Matryoshka by Fang Studio for Klan :
Link Table by Michael Young :
Kouch & Ouch Sofa by Karim Rashid for Casamania :
Ken Table by Marcel Wanders :

Kairo by Karim Rashid for Riva 1920 :
Jersey by Ryan Dart :
Ipod Chair by Karim Rashid :
Habitus Stool by Sebastian Jansson :
Factal Stool by Apparatu & Mashallah Design :
Formula by Matthias Demacker :

Flatpack by Maarten Baas :
Flap-aan-de-wand by Scholten & Baijings :
Devidivi Coffee Table by Dumoffice :
Composition Chair by Kyouei Design :
Clock Inlays by formafantasma :
Cique & Trede by Reinhard Dienes :
Chopstick/Steamer Stools by Jason Dembski & Ryan Horsman :
Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner :
Bambi by Tatsuo Yamamoto :
10-Unit System Chair by Shigru Ban :