Thursday, April 2, 2009

FURNITURE: 1H-Furniture :

Lui 5 Armchairs by Philippe Bestenheider for Fratelli Boffi :

Lui 6 Stool by Philippe Bestenheider :
Work Sofa Armchair by Studio Makkink & Bey :

White Billion Chair 33 by Tine Roeder :
Vormkatoen by Ham Rensink :
To Be Continued Sideboard by Julien Carretero :
Tank Chair by Jeff Michael :
Stool No2 by Aldo Bakker :
Soft Concrete by Nacho Carbonell :
Slow White Series by Bo Reudler :
Sleek Galets Tables by Ludovic Renson :
Screw Chair by Revol-Design :
Rocking Favela by Studio Makkink & Bey :
Pixelated Chair by Studio Makkink & Bey :
Oriana Chaise by Davide Conti :
Morro Sofa by Dequinta :
More Work Sofa by Studio Makkink & Bay for PROOFF :
More by Giorgio Caporaso :
Mini Dada by Claudio Colucci for Ligne Roset :
Messingtisch by Florian Germann :
Memory by Ole Jensen for Normann Copenhagen :
Low Chair by Aldo Bakker :
Link Coffee Table by Nendo for Arketipo :
Kraftwerk Chair by tom de Vrieze :
Jujuba Chair by Anderson Horta :
Jeans Stool by Ciske van Berkel :
Hoop Sofa by Arik Levy :
Google Pillow by Elodie Blanchard ElasticCo :
Fauteuil by Aldo Bakker :
F-Low Side Table by Timothy Schreiber :
Elephant Lounge Chair by Mediodesign :
Curtain by Bauke Knottnerus :
Crystallised Wind by Sou Fukimoto :
Crutch Table by Nicola Enrico Staubli :
Concrete Things Grid by Komplot for Nola :
Cloud Paper Sofa by Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso :
Chaise Lounge by Pdlab :
Black & White Collection by Front for Porro :
Bearskin Rug by Eelko Moorer :
Armchair by Jarrod Lim :
Armadillo Dresser by James Patmore :
Arcylic Sheet by Italy Ohaly :
43 Chair by Konstantin Crcic :