Thursday, April 2, 2009

ART: Sculptures Vol.2 :

Precious One by Maur Perucchetti :
Lile Precious One by Maur Perucchetti :
The American LOVE by Robert Indiana :
LOVE WALL by Robert Indiana :
Welcome to the World's Famous Br. by Luo Brothers :
Vanite by Philippe Pasqua :
Untitled by Valay Shende :
Untitled by H.G. Arunkumar :
Tube by Ara Peterson :
The Long Kiss by Kiara Kristalova :

Sunny Boy by Chen Wenling :
Statue de Liberte by Arman :
Star of the Sea by Larry Estridge :
Soul II by Jaume Piensa :
Soldier Ghost by Kaneuji Teppei :
Shark by Xavier Veilhan :
Red Skulls 'Ceramic' by Dan Baldwin :
Red John by Giuliano Marinetti :
Red Hand 5 by Liu Bolin :
Pot Dore by Jean-Pierre Raynaud :
Pompeiani III by Igor Mitoraj :
Pine Marten by Rona Pondick :
Personnage au Miroir by Philippe Hiquilt :
Monkeys by Rona Pondick :
Management Guru by Valay Shende :
Love is in the air II by Arnaud Rivieren :
Love by Peter Coffin :
Le Dernier Virage by Corby :
Hot Lips by David Gerstein :
Helotroph in der Gelben Tuete by Venske & Spanle :
Codex by Larry Estridge :
Born Wild by Richard Orlinski :
Bio-Cycle by Jud Turner :
A Relaxing Evening with Napoleon and Paulina by Kris Kuksi :