Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ART: Graffiti ART Part.3 :

Donuts )Strawberry Edition) by Banksy :
Woman by Lucy McLauchlan :
The Good, The Bad and The Moon-Specials by Eelus :

Small Windows Left by Jamie Hewlett :
Shrink by Dolk :
Perferia Uniforme by Vhils :
Monkey Blue by Mighty Mo :
Liberty by gee Vaucher :
Laugh Now by Banksy :
Jungle Prairie by Kelsey Brookes :
Im The Queen by Ian Stevenson :
Dreaming by Btoy :
Cops and Robis by Penny :
Che XXL by Dolk :
CCTV by Stanley Donwood :
Bloody Revolutions by Gee Vaucher :
Betty Boop by Natwick Grim :
Unicorn by Paul Insect :
ToServe and Protect by Erik Foss :
Space Age Honey Gris by Jorg Doring :
Soft Values by Sami Havia :
Sit Lady by XOOOOX :
Sid Vicious in Memoriam by Alex Riddell :
Our Lady of Angels by Alex Kizu :
New York City by Roy Lichtenstein :
LV Metal by Zevs :
George by Prefab :
El Gordo y el Flaco by Antonio de Felipe :
Deeply Superficial by Jef Aerosol :
Dead Rebel - Elvis by Paul Insect :
Close Knit by Shepard Fairey :
Bob Spongefinger by Jamie Hewlett :
Best Be Moving On by Erik Foss :
Art Critic by Roy Lichtenstein :
Agony Box by Faile :