Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LIGHTS: U-Lights :

Sonumbra by Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachi :
X-Pan Light by Victor Vetterlein :
Wrearth Project by Angieszka Lasota :
Vakpak by Marus Tremonto :
UNIT 24 by Scott, Rish & Victoria :

Una Sistema by Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Danese :
The Corner Light Floor Lamp by Ji Young Shon :
Tamawa Lamp by Hubert Verstraeten :
Spinning by Benjamin Hubert :
Slow-White Lamp by Bo Reudler :
Slim&Strong by Delphine Frey :
Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird :
Sketch Lamp by Hung-Ming Chen & Ninna Kapadia :
REED by Patrick Jouin :
Queen's Chandelier by Puff-Puff :
Pure by Lab 81 :
Pixel Bulb by Marcus Tremonto :
Phrena by Karl Zahn for Atecnica :
OLED by Johanna Schoemaker :
Nuvola by Takashi Kirimoto :
Morph Chandelier by Alicia Wasielewska :
Mille Bolle Chandelier by Alicia Wasielewska :
Metal Scum Lamp by Jerszy Seymoure :
Madusa by Mikki Paakkanen :
Looplight by Marcus Tremonto :
London Skylike Light by Supplier :
Ilum by Peca :
Lighting Stand by Sungho Lee :
Lightbrick by FormFjord :
Light Blub by Pike Bergmans :
Life 01 by Paul Cocksedge for Flos :
LED Pin by Sungho Lee :
Lampada by Ronan and Bouroullec :
Labware by Benjamin Hubert for Authentics :
Gridlock Light by Philippe Malouin :
Fly Fly by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba for Foscarini :
Crinolina Lamps by Sussanne Philippson for Pallucco :
Cloud Walk Chandelier by Yu Jordy Fu :
Chongrong by Cho-hyung Suk :
Chimney by Benjamin Hubert for Viaduct :
CEZ Light by Olgoj Chorchoj :
Aluminium Lamps by Yaacov Kaufman :