Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ART: Iranian Artists Vol.4 :

Untitled Guard by Farsad Labbauf :
Untitled by Shantia Zakerameli :
Untitled by Golnza Afraz :
Untitled y Jalal Sepehr :
Untitled by Arash Sedaghatkish :
Untitled by Ahmad Morchedloo :
Untitled (The Party Series) by Amirali Ghassemi :
Unexpected by Alireza Fani :
Twins by Mehdi Farhdian :
Today's Women by Ramin Haerizadeh :
The Portrait of the Artist as the Winner by Barad Golshiri :
The Marvelous Plunge by Roya Akhavan :
The Borders Collection by Banafsheh Jahangiri :
Soixante Neuf by Issa Khan :
Rostam in Late Summer by Fereydoun Ave :
Public Grave by Behrang Samadzadegan :
Persian Dolls by Negar ahkami :

Oil Barrel #6 by Shiva Ahmadi :
Oil Barrel #4 by Shiva Ahmadi :
No I Don't Have a Gun by Samira abbassy :
Make a Wish and Blow by Mehdi Farhadian :
Hurt Stars 'Sculpture' by Vahid Sharifian :
Games of Desire by Shirin Neshat :
Ferhad et Kamyar by Nazanin Pouyandeh :
Family by Shaharam Karimi :
Falling Horse in Battle by Avish Khebrehzadeh :
Faden by Sissi Farassat :
Eyes Only 3 by Shirin Aliabadi :
Enigma III by Ayadeen Aghdashloo :
Dream of Hope by Omid Shayan :
Body Curves Series by Sadegh Tirafkan :
Blue Heech (Nothing) 'Sculpture' by Parviz Tanavoli :
Angel of Mercy by Seifollah Samadian :
Alef Series by Poran Jinchi :

Airstriles by Kamran Diba :
A Ruin from the Past by Malekeh Nayiny :