Friday, October 2, 2009

FURNITURE: 1P-Furniture :

Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport :

Selfportrait by Ka-Lai Chan :
Sensory Deprivation Skull by Atelier van Lieshout :

Shabings Stool by Yoav Avinoam :
Shitake Stools by Marcel Wanders for Moroso :
Shopping Cart Chair by Max McMurdo :
Sitzskulptur by Franz Wast :
Slab Stool by Tom Dixon :
Slice Armchair by Mathias Bengtsson :

Slized Collection by Emma Elizabeth :
Smartoes Geometries Chair by Mattia Bonetti :
Sodeboard by Abdul Ghafoor for Kursi :
Sofa by Autoban :
Sofa Armchairs by Leif.Designpark :
Sofa by Ronan and Etewan Bouroullec :
Sofa-Dress by Maezm :

Sofabed by Harri Koskinen :
Soft Cabinet of 39 Drawers by Kiki van Eijk :

Sophie Sofa by Nube Italia :
Souffle du Dessert by Vincent Dubourg :
Spirit House Chair by Daniel Libeskind :
Splits by Johanna Grawunder :
Spoom Collection by Studio Verissimo :
Stag Stool by Rick Owens :
Sterovision Table by John Nouanesing :
Stitched by Ricardo Casas, Hector Esrawe, Cecilia Leon de la Barra & Oscar Nunez :
Stolskulptur by Bjorn Norgard :
Stool Blonde by Simon Hasan for Vauxhall Collective :
Stool by Michael Marriott for Paul Smith :
Suspension Table by Antonio Cagianelli :
Sweet Stool by Sander van der Haar & Jaromir Maas for Spell :
Table B by Konstantin Grcic for BD :
Table by Sudell :
Tango by Sigurdur Gustafsson :
Target by Fernanso Brizio :
Tent Sofa by Philippe Malouin for Campeggi :
Tephra Formations by Robert Stadler :

The Back-flip by Mut-architecture :
The Bean Sofa by Tom Dixon for George Smith :
The Hospice Shelves by Scott, Rich & Victoria :
Titikaka Bench by Naoto Fukaswa for B :

Tube Chair by Plant&Moss :