Sunday, March 14, 2010

FURNITURE: 1U-Furniture :

Stars Collection by Bartoli Design for Laurameroni :

Chair Lux Gstaat by Fornasetti :
OBO Desk by Karim Rashid :
Ombra Tokyo Chair by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina :
Ottoman by Noe Duchaufour for Ligne Roset :
Ovoid Coffee Table by Sabina Hill :
Peak Oul by Charlie-Davidson :
Persian Explosion Rug by Studio Mango :
Pianotable by Georg Bohle :
PK Lounge by Cristian Wicha :
Poliart Design for Luca Nichetto for Casamania :
Pronkkast by Mathilde Alders :
Reveal by Studiomama :
Ryoanj Side Table by Hariri & Hariri Architecture :
Saint Tropez Lounge Chair by Christophe Pillet :
Sander by Massproductions :
Shrub Tables by Zhili Liu :
Spider by Curiosity for TAG Heuerr :
Spool Chair by Keisuke Fujiwara :

Springtime Chair by Frank Winnubst :
Stool by Aldo Bakker :
Synergistic Synthesis XVII Sub B1 Chair by Kenneth Smythe :
Table by Studio Wieke Somers :
Tassenkast by Lotty Lindeman :
Tatami Sofa by Line Depping :
Termo by Tomek Rygalik :
The Radiation Collection by NOCC :
The Shift Chair by Simone Micheli :
Trio Stool by Mile :

Tube Chair by KiBiSi :
UN.DEUX.TROIS Table by Vito Selma :
Urban Seating by Alexandre Moronnoz :
Valet by Ett La Benn :
Vanity Table by Roderick Vos :
Volt by Reinier de Jong :
Wire Shelves by Viable London :
With-D Amrchair by Curiosity for Machin :
Workshop Chair by Jerszy Seymour :
XY+Z Suit Rack by Emma Fox Derwin / Nigel Groom :
Y Parametric Table by Krystian Kwiecinski :