Sunday, November 16, 2008

FURNITURE: Z-Furniture :

Tree Shelving by Zaha Hadid :
Reverso by Cedric Ragot for Roche Bobis :
Table With View by Anke Weiss :
Step by Step Sofa by Cecilia Lundgren :
Regent Chair by Hisakazu Shimizu :
Push Table by Chris Murphy :
Princess Stool by Atlason :
Powernap Chaise by Nina Helena Olsen :
Pop by Brodie Neill :
Pool Table by Freshwest :
Piece of Paper by Jungjing Yao :
Patterns Table by Adriana Barra :
Ornitho-Morphic Side Tables by Maoli :
Origami Chair by So Takahashi :
Ofo by Solovyov Design :
Ne Stool by Danilo Calvache :
MyChair by UNStudio :
Mountain Range Table by Hisakazu Shimizu :
Mosspink Sofa & Chair by Bruehl :
Michael Jackson 5oth Celebrate Tables by Lee J. Rowland :
Keep Off The Grass by Thomas Heatherwick :
Kaktus Stool by Enrico Bressan :
Junkture Table by Beth Fuller :
Inside-Out by FreshWest Design :
Hybrid Lamp Chair by Lucy Renshaw :
He by Liu Xiaokang :
Hayon Table by Jaime Hayon for Bisazza :
Glide by Kedar Nalk :
GlamMore by Willem Deidder :
Fade/Arm Chair by Skram :
Eames Shell Chair by Wary Meyer :
Deja Vu Desk by Oormerk :
Dancing Table by Joel Escalona :
Crystal by Solovyov Design :
Corian Quatorze by Maarten De Caulaer :
Chair of the Rings by Martino for Conran :
Candy Chair Blueberry by PIE Studio :
Brave New World by FreshWest Design :
Beehive Chair by Christoffer :
A Pile Of Suitcases by Maarten De Ceulaer :